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Daycare - Preschool Application

Download a printable PDF file of the Daycare-Preschool Application.

Daycare-Preschool Handbook

Download a printable PDF file of the Daycare-Preschool Handbook.

Daycare Fees
Initial Enrollment: Annual Registration: Weekly Rate: Annual Resource Fee:
Infant Class: $100 NA $175 NA
K1 Class: $100 $75 $165 $135
K2 Class: $100 $75 $165 $150
K3: $100 $75 $140 $220
K4: $100 $75 $140 $220

Initial Enrollment Fee: Non-refundable one-time fee, per child.

Annual Registration Fee: Due July 1. Non-refundable annual fee, per child.

Resource Fees: Due August 1. Covers the cost of the books, student insurance, certain student supplies, and classroom teaching supplements. K3 and K4 Students will also receive the yearbook without additional cost.

Late Fees and Returned Check Fee: If tuition is not paid by Wednesday there will be a late fee of $15.00 charged to the account. If a check is returned for any reason, there will be a returned check fee of $30.00 assessed to the account.